Hate Cooking But Need To Cook?

We all have that one thing we hate to do but just really need to get done. These things range from working at a place we hate, studying for exams, doing our laundry,doing the dishes,being in school, to sleeping,eating,dreaming,talking or whatever the case may be. When it comes to cooking,most people actually enjoy cooking. Personally,let’s say 70% of people i have met enjoy cooking,or at least feel totally indifferent towards the activity.

 4 different shortlisted anonymous responses from the question “Do you love to cook?”

“Yeah, I love cooking,i don’t know why. I think it’s because I love food,hehe.”

“Erm, it’s not like I love cooking…I don’t hate it either,I just have to cook really. Obviously, I’m a newly married woman,so I can’t afford not to cook”

‘“Atimes I enjoy it and other times I don’t even think about the whole process too much because I just want to be over and done with it…I’m indifferent I guess ”

“Please…I hate cooking…lol!”

Dear “Mrs last comment” and those that can relate to her, this post is particularly for you all.It is absolutely fine not to enjoy certain things but most times we have to do them regardless of how we feel.All we need to do is look for different ways to make these activities a little more worthwhile. Here are some simple tips on how to enjoy cooking when you have no other option but to cook.

  • Get food items ready – In addition to hating cooking,if going to the market to do your food shopping is also a no-no for you,this is exactly where shopping on www.nkataa.com applies. *wink wink*. Well,the essence of getting food items ready is to be sure you have everything you need ready. You don’t want to start cooking just to later realize that you have to rush out to get one additional ingredient.Just the mere knowledge of all the food items you need being available is already a motivation on its own.
  •  Be comfortable – Believe it or not, this plays a major part in cooking. Being comfortable helps to reduce any form of discomfort like sweating due to tight clothes or the annoying feeling of your weave or any accessory touching your neck or shoulders. It is also advisable to always wear short sleeved tops so as to prevent the annoying fear of any liquid getting on or into your sleeves. Open the windows or doors(whatever the case may be). Let some light and air into the kitchen The more comfortable you feel,the less irritated you are while cooking.
  • Music – Music plays a major role in lightening up the spirit to be honest. Imagine listening to your favorite song or playlist repeatedly while doing something you were reluctant to do in the first place. The dull and indifferent feeling will slowly begin to fade as you get carried away with the song and probably start dancing or singing along. The music automatically distracts you from the reluctance to cook. If you are home alone,using your earpiece or headphones may be more enjoyable. 
  • Clean up your kitchen before cooking – If the kitchen was a bit messy before cooking,It’s more advisable to clean it up before cooking.Some people will rather clean up everything after but i have personally found out that every time I cook without having to worry about the pile of dishes waiting for me in addition to the ones I’m about to make use of,I enjoy my cooking a bit better.However,this depends on the type of “cleaner” you are. Some prefer to clean as they mess up,while others will rather clean up after everything.A clean kitchen basically makes being in the kitchen more bearable and comfortable.
  • Get all ingredients portioned and ready before cooking – Yup! This may sound like a Maggi family menu(for those who watched it) type of behavior, but trust me this helps a lot.Get all your spices out in terms of quantity needed.Get your vegetables and meat rinsed and chopped, cooking oil out,pepper and tomato blended,exact portion of spices need set aside …etc. Once all of these are ready,you’ll find yourself basically just pouring,stirring and cooking under absolutely no pressure,while listening and dancing to your music on the side.This also makes cooking faster as opposed to running helter skelter after each step.Imagine cooking halfway just to realize your crayfish is finished. Ha! LOL! Please be organized.
  • Get Good Company – This is quite a hard one because, I mean, you don’t start calling people to keep you company simply because you want to fry yam or something of that nature. This applies to days when you have so much to cook and the music and every other tip is not just working for you.While you sit or lay down mumbling and contemplating on how to stand up from where you are,pick up your phone and convince a friend or family to come over. Having someone around to chat with while you cook is also another very good way to take your mind off the whole process.

These tips obviously can’t be applied by everyone but hopefully everyone finds one that can fit their age and lifestyle. Anyone with any other tip that works should feel free to share so we can all learn new tips. That’s what we are all here for. 😀 


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