Much Ado About Water

The feel of water on a parched tongue on a scorching afternoon -PRICELESS

Being on the go almost 24/7 in this present age has led to a grab and go lifestyle. Think about it…we grab food, clothes, music, fast cars (okay…a bit carried away here) but somehow in the mix, it seems we have forgotten to grab water

The unending argument of water being present in every meal is hardly a sound one. It’s true that water is present in perhaps all meals but the question here is, “How much is really enough?”

The benefits of water seem to be almost limitless but let’s dwell on five, shall we?

-Clearer skin 

Sometimes our skin develops a mind of its own, breaking out and keeping us away from our ‘flawless’ dream. An increase in our daily intake of water can do wonders to our skin. It detoxifies the insides and works its way to our outer appearance so you get to feel healthy and look it too. It has also been proven to prevent early ageing.

-Relieves headaches

We are so quick to take a pill when our head aches. Truth is, sometimes our bodies are just trying to tell us that we are dehydrated. Drinking water when stressed refreshes the body, gives the headaches a goodbye note and helps us rest better.

-Weight loss

Ding ding! Merely switching the sodas in our diet to water, does wonders for someone who is out to lose weight. It doesn’t matter if water is too plain for you, all you have to do is flavour your water with natural juices of fruits like lemon, orange or whatever you choose really.

-It aids digestion

Because water is a solvent, it is the perfect aid for digestion. It merges with fibre to make the breakdown of food in the body a lot easier. So if you want to make elimination of waste products from the body a walk in the park and not a wrestling match, drink water, lots of it.

-Kidney preserver

The kidneys do so much work in the body, controlling our blood pressure and balancing our body fluids. As a result of its round the clock duties, we cannot afford to have our kidneys in less than great shape. The good thing is we can take care of them, by simply maintaining an adequate water consumption level.

-Joint lubricator

Opening a door and hearing creaks is usually very irritating. That’s the reason we often lubricate our doors at home. Imagine having creaks heard (and unheard) from all parts of your body, terrible image. Cartilage, which coats our bones is made of about 85% water, therefore good water intake keeps them hydrated and supple, essentially preventing body creaks.

NOTE -If you INCREASE your daily intake of water over the next 7 days (which you should), it is guaranteed that you will FEEL a lot BETTER than you have in a while.

We could go on and on, bottom line is… The person who said the dog is a man’s best friend clearly never experienced real thirst…because if he did….

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