Goodbye 2015

2015 was actually a great year for! It was a year where we laid a lot of foundations and stood on the bedrock of those foundations to look ahead. It was really weird how we lived 2015 in future mode, earnestly thinking about 2016 the whole time. All we did in 2015 was laying foundations for 2016, so as we wave goodbye to 2015 we excitedly welcome a new season.

Mr NkataaLast year came with a lot of challenges. We were always in motion – moving offices, moving orders, always moving. We established more organized set up though so things happened smoothly and we were able to do all that without too much stress.

At we ended the year in style! Actually I think we do everything in style to be honest lol, but then this time it was the first time we actually planned an end of year party. In our first year in business 2014, we didn’t think we had done so well that year so we just went to Clubhouse and ate and talked. We like to talk! This year we got to talk to even more people. We invited close friends and family, and it was great! You can tell from the pictures that we had so much fun._Q6A7662 small

This year was quite different. We had some interesting additions like Simi who cares a lot about things like what she would wear to the end of year party. And of course others were worried about bringing dates. Lol. Our doors were open and dates were welcome. Working in Nkataa has certainly gotten more interesting in 2015.

Nkataa used to be cold , like we had people like Salakhuma who just wanted to work. Now even though that is good for business you still need people like Simi who would go a step further and buy a dress for our end of year party to spice things up.

2015 is the year that we got a nice blend of people to give that workspace balance. At Nkataa we work hard but we also play hard. We care about each other and we like to chill and have fun. One challenging moment we had fun with was when the beer we had in stock expired and we pulled them from the shelves. Chike insisted that we drink it ourselves!! James joined us, then Amaka and let’s just say “every single action afterwards was a hit, back to back.

_Q6A7645 small

One of our latest additions to the team – “the love doctor,” has been a real game changer. By the way he is called the love doctor because he has solutions to every problem that borders on love. If you need some advice drop a comment and we’ll connect you. 😉

All in all we are a great team with a great customer base who had a great foundational year. Thank you for any and all contributions to this success! We couldn’t have done it without you.

_Q6A7831 small

It was really interesting to finally have enough space and freedom to have our end of year party in our office. The champagne was good. It had gold flakes in it and tasted amazing, we would recommend it to anyone. We would definitely start selling it soon and will even be offering tips on perfect party planning. So watch this space, welcome to our blog and wishing you all the best of the New Year and oooopps!! did i forget? chioma got engaged and we all witnessed the beautiful moment.

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