Worker Of The Year 2015

I think this was one of the most difficult decisions that I had to make in 2015. How do I decide? Should it be the earliest person at work or one whose work requires the most physical efforts? Or one who may not necessary be the first at work but may have been thinking about a million and one ideas on their way to work and the moment they get to work, ideas flow for the team to run with? Or maybe the one who is just the most consistent

It was really difficult for me to select from a group of dedicated individuals, one individual who I thought contributed the most in 2015, especially knowing that in, “ No man is an island, everyone needs everyone to perform at their best for things to work well. For example, No matter how the chefs perform, if the delivery guys don’t deliver, and on time and in good condition then even the chefs have failed. Here we win together and we loose together.

In a nutshell, every member of our team could have been worker of the year.

Kenneth really stood out. He was first to work and last to leave. His passion for really encouraged me. He Brought seriousness to the workspace and even I and my friends couldn’t play FIFA when ken was there except he wasn’t around or past 6 (BTW…I challenge any of our customers to a game of FIFA 16)

I think also that even though it was a close shave with every member of the team, they all feel that it was a well-deserved award.

See comments from Seyi below and a picture of ken

Seyi: He’s definitely very hardworking.I’m quite happy he won it 


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