Is Arsenal Out of The Champion’s League Already?

Football fans around the world have written Arsenal off even before the kick off whistle. If people’s opinions are stronger than our efforts then why do we try to succeed at all? Ben Carson against all manner of opinions proved that our efforts are stronger than peoples opinions as long as we don’t give up.

How about Phyno? They said, “he won’t go far”, because “he is local” [connect] but today, being local trends more than anything.

Michael Jordan didn’t get selected in his high school basketball team but he ended up being the greatest ever basket baller in history.

Lets not get too excited about today’s game. Arsenal will probably loose both home and away games. But one thing is certain, if they don’t give up this year, they would give up next year lol…ok lets say they would win one day.

I predict a win for arsenal at the emirates. (2:1)

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