How Saves Marriages


I have had the privilege of getting to know our customers personally. One adorable couple that have gone from customers to friends is Abu and Aisha. I met them at a fair that Nkataa participated in.. I was next to our stand when I saw this young looking married couple who looked so in love! So fresh, so clean, I could feel some goose bumps from the amount of love their presence emitted.

I really wanted to be the first to talk to them. I wanted to ask, “What’s the secret of your marriage? Because I want to know. I want to be this happy when I get married.” I had one million questions to ask them, but they spoke first and asked, “Are you Mr Nkataa?” Of course I said I was. What they said next is what surprised and shocked me. “Thank you for saving our marriage,” Abu and Aisha said.

At that moment I felt fulfilled. I had not yet investigated the reasons for their comment, but it really felt so good to be associated either by hook or crook being part or even being “responsible” for a couple so perfect, as it were at the time.

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