How Saves Marriages Part 2

I wanted to know how I had been involved in something I admired from a distance, so I asked “ sorry I didn’t get that, how did I save your marriage?” Aisha was the first to talk, actually Abu tried to talk first, but then Aisha gave him one look and he fell in submission to her beautiful smile. She said so briefly “I hate going to the market that’s all, nothing deep,” she laughed.

In fact we moved on from the topic to how our service and product offerings had improved. Aisha was excited that Nkataa now sells products she would have had to go to the market for. Some of her favorites were our fresh vegetables, food ingredients like yaji, millet, and red guinea corn. Abu was ecstatic about the dates and kunun aya. They both felt that Nkataa was such a brilliant idea that saved people stress.

As we were laughing about this, suddenly Abu blurted out, “Aisha almost divorced me 2 months after our wedding.” An awkward silence fell between the three of us, then Aisha objected vehemently. Aisha didn’t quite agree with Abu. She felt the reality check of marriage set in 2 months after their marriage and Abu had completely misunderstood her frustrations. She did not want to divorce him. She had loved every minute of being married to him, but she was just frustrated.

I wanted to step aside for a minute while they hashed it out, but they were both looking at me and trying to justify their individual points to me. It would be rude to excuse them to their issues. So instead I just listened and realized that all of a sudden the couple who looked so beautiful and perfect had issues too. They were not serious issues though, but at least they argued like the rest of us normal human beings, lol.

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