How Saves Marriages Part 3

Abu and Aisha have as a result of our encounter become part of Nkataa. The three of us are fast becoming close friends too. I think I really adore them because they inspire me. They treat one another with such regard and respect, and it is so clear they are in love. This is a beautiful sight to witness firsthand.

I have even had the opportunity of visiting Abu and Aisha’s home, by personally delivering their grocery orders twice. They have also come to the Nkataa headquarters a few times.

There just seems to be this connection between Nkataa and their family. They often come over to our office to pick up their groceries or eat as they live very close to us in Jabi. Because of the convenience of having their orders bagged and waiting for them, we have begun to think about introducing grocery pick up. Abu and Aisha like this flexible option for days when they aren’t sure when they will be home or would rather just swing by. Bottom line is that Abu and Aisha are no longer customers. They have now become family.

Should all our customers become family?

Jeff Bezos said once “ We see our customers as invited guests to a party and we are the hosts.”

Should businesses have these sort of relationships with customers?

Does it make them feel more like stakeholders?

I’m not sure, and this was not in the business plan, but Abu and Aisha are making me rethink my strategy.

As a result of our more informal relationship with Abu and Aisha, they have become serious ambassadors of Nkataa. Everywhere they go, they passionately market Nkataa because first they believe that the reason they are still married is because Nkataa has gladly taken a lot of hassle/stress off Aisha. And you know what they say, “happy wife, happy life.”

Last weekend Aisha’s in-laws were in town. She called me freaking out! She needed to cook something really special. Aisha frantically relayed that her in-laws were coming for dinner the next day and exactly what she wanted the menu to look like. “Can Nkataa deliver all this food to my house by 3:30 p.m. latest?”

“The food will be there by 2 p.m. Aisha, we promise. And we will use only the freshest ingredients,” I assured her.

Interestingly we had to even learn a few tips from Aisha, which we incorporated into her meals. We delivered cooked food from Nkataa’s kitchen straight to Aisha’s kitchen. She transferred them into her pots and served them to her in-laws and friends who had come for dinner. No one asked who cooked. They just complimented the beautiful chef while Abu smiled proudly and winked at his wife.

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