If You Tell Them To Cook, They Will Do Shakara…

Women and their wahala sha o, women want you to define everything you do with them! The air you breathe with them, the food you eat with them, everything!!!! Like I have heard so many questions in my life:

Who am I to you?

What are we doing?

Where do you see this going?

Am I cooking for you just because you’re hungry or you feel like eating my food?

Do you tell every girl to cook for you?

And then to pour salt on injury you now get statements like

I don’t just cook for anybody

Cooking is intimate for me

I cannot do all this wifey thing and not know where I stand

And am like “aunty chill now, it’s just rice and stew o”

There are Men and there are MEN. A real MAN doesn’t need to wait around for bae to take care of him. A real MAN takes charge! So until wifey comes along, we’re hooking you up with our Bachelor Bundle in the meantime. It costs just 8325 naira Visit www.nkataa.com to get yours now.




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