#HealthyFoodDiary – Eating for that Summer Body You Want

Summer is fast approaching. If you’re like me you’re probably wondering why you didn’t follow through on that New Year’s resolution to work out every day. Unfortunately there’s not much time to spend in thought or guilt. I must confess I have only worked out 10 times in the last four months, so it’s time to switch gears into beast mode. After trying a number of diets and healthy lifestyle changes I am pretty certain what works for my body and is sustainable. Luckily my body has and will continue to respond quickly to good decisions.

I’ll share what works for me and look forward to hearing what works for you. Every little bit helps because time is of the essence.

  1. Coffee! As a coffee addict I was very happy to discover that the caffeine, prior to workouts, actually energizes, accelerates fat loss, and improves focus.
  1. T-25. If you’ve never tried this 25-minute intense workout by Sean T, you need to. Whether you start at the easier Beta phase or go straight into Alpha, with this 6-day-a-week work out I see results in about 10 days. You can do it at home and only need one set of dumbbells.
  1. Breakfast! Whenever I eat, versus skipping breakfast, I actually see weight loss results in the longer term. Most days I have oatmeal when I want something hot, or Weetabix or Fruit & Fiber when I want something cold. Weekends I get fancy with steak (or chicken breast), eggs, and tomatoes. Eating in the morning also helps increases my metabolism.
  1. Protein Packed Lunch. My general rule is that lunch should be heavier than dinner. Just not heavy enough to make me fall asleep at my desk. I try to eat more protein than carbs, stay away from oils and junk food.
  1. Green Tea. When I’m in “clean eating” mode I usually have at least two cups of green tea a day. It comes in countless flavors, and sweetened with a little honey it helps me relax, digest, and apparently lose weight. Green tea is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients. It also aids fat loss and improves brain function.
  1. Drink Juice Not Sugar. Most packaged juices contain sugar, coloring, and lots of preservatives. So instead, I drink fresh pressed real juices (usually as a meal replacement because they are so filling) or fresh juice.
  1. Salad-Dinners. Light dinners are best so your body has less to digest while you sleep. I’m a particular fan of avocados, chicken, olives and prawns – so you’ll always find at least one of these in my salad.
  1. Water (x3). I’m not a big fan of water but I know it helps digestion, cleansing, etc. So I drink as much as I can. Often squeezing lemon juice in it to give it some flavor. Which apparently makes it even better for you. 
  1. Repeat Step One (when studying) or 5 (when heading for bed).

Now I’m no nutritionist, but these easy adjustments work for me. Working out can sound dramatic and daunting. I’ve tried more dramatic things but they aren’t sustainable. Instead now I make lifestyle adjustments, which help me achieve my fitness goals and feel better while doing so.

Good luck attaining your own bikini body, and hopefully I’ll see you on the beach!  😀 


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