I Live A Double Life As A World-Class Professional Photographer and …

I am George Okoro, one of the biggest names in the professional photography industry in Nigeria. Just didn’t want to come off as bragging, but hey that statement is nothing but fact. One thing I definitely will not brag about is my ability to cook all the super tasty traditional soups we all love. I would love to learn, but the main problem is – what time is there, between capturing the perfect picture of that beautiful bride saying her ‘I do’ and the groom breaking into tears as he watches his bride walk down the aisle towards him. Pay close attention here fellas, because I’m about to let you in on a very big secret – I can’t make a very tasty pot of Egusi, but I can microwave it so well that when my colleagues and friends come visiting, they lick the plate so clean I hardly do any work when doing the dishes.

I discovered www.nkataa.com a few months ago and since then, my fridge has never looked empty. First time I visited the website and realised they sold frozen Nigerian soups, I must confess that I was a bit sceptical, ‘I mean be honest, who sells frozen soup online? And who would want to buy something like that online anyways’. I gave it a trial by ordering the 1 litre of frozen stew, came home after a long day and microwaved a small portion, prepared some rice and sat down to eat. The moment that spoon of stew touched my lips, it felt like I was 12 years old again. It felt like I was a little boy in my mum’s kitchen and she had just served me lunch. It’s almost impossible to explain the feeling, because it’s more of a personal experience everyone sees differently; just know that a single tear drop left my right eye out of joy and fulfilment.

I opened my laptop at exactly 11:45 PM that same night after eating and begun a quest that he brought me so much ease and a lot of male visitors, LOL. As I write this, there is a bowl of hot poundo yam on the table and another bowl of white soup I ordered from Nkataa, warming up in the microwave. All my single male friends now call me at odd hours asking if I’m home, just so they can enjoy one of these lifesaving, timesaving and delicious soups.

One of my Friends enjoying a plate of my Uha Soup

I am a nice guy so I let my friends join me for dinner every night – well, I chased them off after a month, but I gave them the secret they needed to live the good life like I was doing. I have experimented with all the soups and I must confess that each one is equally as tasty as the next. Frozen stew, Egusi, Uha, White soup, Ogbono, Ukazi, Native soup and even Ofada sauce are all up for grabs. Do not ask me which my favourite is because I enjoy them all. They are 7 different soups, one for every day of the week.

I am George Okoro, a professional photographer, and I am also a great admirer of Nkataa’s frozen soups. If you haven’t tried any before, you should. I would love to continue this piece and tell you how much meat and chicken each soup contains, but I just heard the microwave beep – That’s a sign that my frozen white soup is now hot and ready for me to devour. I love you guys, but photographers have to eat too.

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