The Fruit, The Whole Fruit & Nothing But The Fruit..

Okay, I have never really been big on fruits. Not that I don’t love myself some nice pineapples and red grapes, but my problem has always been – the time to go out, pick the fresh and ripe ones (which I could never figure out), then drive back home. Bear in mind that the closest fruit market to my location is about 20 minutes’ drive from my house; I haven’t had good fresh fruits for like a whole year, at least till yesterday evening.

I have a lot of Muslim friends who have been observing this holy Ramadan period, it is amazing how strong this people are to endure from morning to night without anything touching their lips; I really admire their perseverance. Personally, all I do is go through my usual daily routine and when the clock slowly winds down to about 18:00 o’clock, I begin to receive various phone calls from my Muslim friends inviting me over for Iftaar (meal to break the fast).

People that know me, would know I don’t mess around with my tummy; plus it’s considered rude to refuse an invite from your friends, especially when it’s to join them to break their daily fast. On that faithful day, I hopped into my car and drove down to Panama Street in Maitama, where the Manu household had invited me for Iftaar. I honked twice and their third son opened the gates with a smile. I smiled back till I realised he was actually smiling at the sharply dressed Nkataa dispatch rider behind my car. It was like I didn’t exist at the moment as Abu rushed and paid for the order with his ATM card, he greeted me and carried two very large platters of fruits into the house.

I followed him in and his parents immediately ushered me to join them on the mat to eat. I quickly stole a glance at the large fruit platters Nkataa just delivered, and looking at it closely; I could feel my stomach start to churn. I felt like I stopped breathing for 10 seconds, it was that at that point I knew what I missing out on. The fruits were professionally arranged layer by layer, like a picture I took at a governor’s birthday party last year. Looking like something from a movie, I couldn’t stop myself from licking my lips as I pictured myself diving into all those fruits. Each fruit platter was richly packed with pawpaw, watermelon, pineapple, red & green apples, red grapes, oranges and slated cashew nuts surrounding the entire platter of fruits.


I can’t even remember what we ate that day, the only thing stuck in my head was the fruits I ate. That was an epiphany for me. Since that day, I have ordered a fruit platter every evening right before bed, and sometimes while at the office. All my friends love it and I frequently send a platter to my Muslim friends to break their fast, especially the Manu family. They were the ones that showed me how much greener (literally), life could be.

My door bell just rang, I think that is Abu my favourite Nkataa delivery guy. I have to go now. Stick to this page for my next article. Say cheese!!!

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