Me, Marriage and Makeup

I bet a lot of you are wondering where this post is going, all I can say is – be patient and read through. As most guys, I haven’t been really big on makeup, like I feel it isn’t a business of mine in anyway, well at least till my girlfriend got me involved. I remember the very first time my girlfriend begged me to buy her a few make up products while I was in America, my first question was ‘Why? Can’t you just walk over to one shop across the street and buy’; I won’t tell you what her reply was due to some kids that might be reading this. Long story short, my ears were hurting after the 30 minutes lecture she gave me over the phone. I boldly walked into the biggest Mary Kay makeup store in New York, approached the counter and confidently listed out all the items my girlfriend asked me to buy.

When I was done, the very pretty lady over the counter told me my total price – for a few seconds, I felt like I was stung by a bee; I was speechless and felt dizzy hearing the price of everything. It was the soft voice of the lady that brought me back ‘Sir, would you like to proceed?’ I was about to bring out my wallet and pay when my phone rang and saved the day, it was my girlfriend. Her silky voice felt like oxygen to me at that moment as she said ‘I found an online store in Abuja, that sells exactly all the makeup products I need. They are original and affordable. I’ll just buy it here. Thank you’, she hung up. I felt like Mandela immediately he was set free from prison as I jetted out of the shop. I had no idea the online store she was referring to was Nkataa.

It’s been months since that dramatic incident, but I never knew I would have another one on one encounter with Tara, Mary Kay and all the other makeup brand names we have come to know vicariously through our female friends. It was a fine day in July and I was at a client’s home in Wuse 2. She was prepping for her wedding that was scheduled for 11:30 am, it was already 10:00 am and I was there taking behind the scene photos as usual. Taking shots of her as she put on her wristwatch, bracelet and all of that. She was done with all of that, just the makeup left, we all know that takes like an hour to apply; maybe even more, considering the fact that it was her wedding day.

I suddenly heard a loud scream and I paused for a second, I ran up to the bride-to-be and demanded what had happened. ‘My make up artist just ran out of foundation! Her Mary Kay foundation is finished’. I was going to console her and say it wasn’t that serious, till I remembered how serious my girlfriend reacted months ago. I innocently asked her what she was going to do and her reply stunned me. ‘She bought this months ago and there is nowhere else I can get this exact on in Abuja. We might have to postpone this wedding’ *PAUSE* BECAUSE OF MARY KAY FOUNDATION, POSTPONE WEDDING….HMMM, OK OOH.

Apparently, she was very serious. It was either this exact Mary Kay foundation now or no wedding. Then it hit me, where did my girlfriend buy hers that day again? I quickly called my lady up and she laughed when I told her the situation I had myself in, she calmed me down and told me to pass the phone to my client. They spoke for about 5 minutes and I noticed a smile spread across the natural looking face of my client (the bride-to-be). She handed me back my phone and dialled another number on her, I heard her making an order for the Mary Kay foundation and I was still confused. 20 minutes later, I heard a knock on the door and guess who it was – Abu, the same old Abu. My favourite Nkataa Mart delivery guy. He smartly walked into the room, and handed my client a customised Nkataa bag, she pulled out the content and the expression on her face was priceless; I quickly captured the moment with my camera lens. Once again, Nkataa saved the day. I had no idea they even sold makeup too, as a matter of fact they sell makeup of all brands, kind, colours and sizes. Thanks to Nkataa, I got paid that day and witness the holy matrimony ceremony of yet another happy couple.

Nkataa, putting smiles and lip stick on faces since 2014!!!

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