Local Chicken 101

local chicken

Local chicken (aka free range chicken) is all the rave and deservedly so too! Aside from the fact that it tastes better, it is also a lot healthier. It contains up to 10x more omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins A and E, as well as zero chemical concoctions and antibiotics.

Eating local chicken isn’t just healthier, it’s also for a good cause. You will be supporting Nkataa’s new initiative that is empowering rural women in agriculture, by improving their incomes and general wellbeing.

But in case you are wondering what you could possibly do with freshly slaughtered tasty local chicken, here are a few meals worth trying out:


Homemade Local Chicken Pizza

local chicken pizza


Local Chicken Pepper Soup

nkataa local chicken pepper soup


Peppered Local Chicken

nkataa peppered local chicken


Local Chicken Pie

chicken pie


Local Chicken Salad


chicken salad

Local Chicken Shawarma

chicken shawarma


Local Chicken Stir-fry

chicken stir fry


Local Chicken Popcorn

popcorn local chicken


Your long throat must be manifesting in full force by now! Lol! You’re welcome, always here for you.


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