Are They Really Dogs?, Men are dogs

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Guess who’s back? The Nkataa Club! And we’re back with a bang *boom* (maybe just for the ladies today)

Now back to the question: Are They Really Dogs?

Wondering what exactly I’m talking about? Well, keep reading and you’ll find out. The ladies would definitely love this, but the guys? Hmm not so sure. Keep calm your moment of gentleman glory is just lurking around the corner.

Pretty sure I’m not the only one out there who’s had a hard time understanding men. Today it feels like I know them, tomorrow I’m back to square one. Recently I had a breakthrough (it’s okay to call it that) while talking to a friend. He said “Men are dogs” and at that statement,  all the nuts in my head began to fly, this was actually coming from a guy. But then he said, “ calm down, I don’t mean it that way.” We talked about dogs for a while and slowly I began to realize that they are dogs after all. (calm down Oga, your blood ‘too dey hot’)

Let’s take a close look at dogs……….


They Live for Treats and Pats on the Back. Even if you don’t have a dog, you probably must have seen those Scooby Doo moments.  They love to be appreciated, especially after doing something good. Men are no different, they may put up a hard front but deep down, they are as emotional as emotional can be. So yeah, maybe he’s been grumpy or annoying because you’re not treating him well or at all. Nkataa has made this easier for you, shop your treats online now. Is he a cig guy, drink guy or even a food guy? Nkataa’s got you covered.


They like to sniff and lick. Ermmm I think I should leave this part out, if you know you know *wink*, moving on.


They Love Food. Dogs love to eat, good food especially. Does it sound familiar? There’s this saying that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach; Just like dog’s, they love food. Want to have a good dog? FEED HIM it might just be the solution. Where else to get the best meals if not Nkataa, saving lives since 1960


They Love their Homes. Men just like dogs love their homes. Dogs have been known to always wander guess that’s why they call men dogs. But you know one thing, only stray dogs wander. When they have a good home they stay put. Don’t you think he’s everywhere because you actually haven’t created a home for him? By home, I mean mental support, care, and a stress-free life. In the meantime, you can make the physical home look better with Nkataa’s home products.  


It Takes Patience to teach them new things. Who else can relate saying the same thing over and over again, argh it can be very frustrating sometimes. If dogs have taught you something, it’s that with patience you’ll get the result. Men are literally like babies, you have to teach them and be patient while waiting for them to catch up. Keep at it, you’ll be fine sister.


They are Jealous. Dogs are jealous animals. The moment they see their owners getting all cozy with someone else, they literally begin to act up. To me, this is just the same with guys. Make them feel so important and special and you’ll have yourself a good dog man.


I could go on and on with all their similarities but you get the point.  So whenever you don’t understand him, just remember this and treat him right, he’ll behave. Nkataa is always here to help *wink*

Would love to hear from you, please drop your comments and share with your friends. Don’t laugh alone 🙂

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