A Day With Ric Hassani at Nkataa Bukka

A Day With Ric Hassani At Nkataa Bukka

Ric Hassani,  the “Nigerian Jidenna” came over for lunch and dinner at the Nkataa Bukaa yesterday. Well, Jidenna is Nigerian, but oh well, you get the point *wink*.

Kechukwu Eric Ahiauzu, popularly known as Ric Hassani or better still “The African Gentleman” is a rising star in the music industry. His 2015 single “Gentleman” put him in the spotlight and also earned him two nominations in the popular Headies award in the Best Alternative Song and Best Vocal performance category in 2016.

Apart from being so talented and amazing, Ric Hassani’s fashion sense and style is one that cannot be matched. We love how he incorporates the  African element into his outfits. He is definitely a classic man.

Having him over at the Bukka was fun. We got to see the other side of him that the media doesn’t see. He is such a fun person and Yes!!!! He loves food. Let’s tell you some random facts you probably didn’t know about him.

  • He is from Rivers State
  • He is very tall, the reason why he would rather take pictures alone so no one notices.
  • He’s never had a proper massage session in a spa
  • He loves photography
  • He’s a big fan of Nkataa’s freshly squeezed fruit juice.

There’s more but you know, we promised not to spill. if you weren’t at the Bukka, you missed!

We made sure to fill his tummy with our Special Fried Rice, Peppered Local Chicken, Plantain and Fresh Juice. Apparently, he loved it so much, he came back for dinner. We stuffed him again with more food. This time he had Goat meat pepper soup, grilled fish, chips, plantain and of course Fresh Orange juice. Guess he loved our juice so much. In his words “This juice is MAAAADDDD” Like they say, we’ve got too much juice *wink*

A Day With Ric Hassani At Nkataa Bukka

A Day With Ric Hassani At Nkataa Bukka











A Day With Ric Hassani At Nkataa Bukka


Now you know Nkataa Bukka is the place to be. Can’t wait to have you over!
Ojimadu Nwaeze House, P.O.W Mafemi Crescent, Utako.

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