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Wakaa The Musical | Nkataa


Wakaa The Musical was in Abuja for a few days and I was opportune to see it, thanks to Nkataa. Honestly, words cannot explain the overwhelming experience, feelings and the emotions that came with Wakaa.

It’s fascinating how relatable the characters, set, choice of music and even the costumes were. Watching Wakaa created an epiphany for me. It took me from my seat to the stage. I could see a part of me in all the characters. These were all young adults living in Nigeria and trying to be the best versions of themselves the way they understood it. Tosan wanted to change things for good but found himself in a country where everything seemed to be fighting against good. Kike saw life as just a jolly go round ride and was determined to spend it with whoever could keep up with her lifestyle. Ngozi on the other hand just like Tosan chose to dedicate her life to giving back to the community. Rex was the “hustle or die hard trying” kind of guy. One thing they had in common is that they were all Nigerians who were trying to make lemonade from all the lemons Nigeria was throwing at them.  


Wakaa The Musical | Nkataa

Each character taught me a lesson. I remember getting upset when Tosan refused to forgive Kike when he caught her dancing with Rex. Afterall, she didn’t cheat, why was he making a fuss about it. Watching Wakaa you’ll realize that a lot of times we are so quick to blame others rather than take responsibility. We tend to enjoy the process but keep complaining about the results, knowing fully well that the current issue lies in the process. Kike kept blaming Rex, but deep down she was excited at the prospects of being with him after thinking he actually did have the 2 million pounds contract. For Tosan, sorry didn’t really cut it, I guess he could see through it.  Wakaa was filled with so many lessons and I doubt a single blog post would contain them all; it was indeed very educative.


It’s safe to say that it was perfect timing, Wakaa showing during the independence week celebration. Wakaa just makes you appreciate and believe in our great country Nigeria again.

Kudos to the Wakaa Production team for putting together a well-rehearsed, entertaining and educative musical. It was Brilliant!

Wakaa The Musical | Nkataa

Wakaa The Musical would be back to Abuja alongside other Bolanle Austen Peters Musical productions like Saro. The Tickets would be available on Nkataa.com



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