Why You Should Anticipate Nkataa’s Black Friday

Nkataa Black Friday

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Is it too late to wish you all a happy new month? Well, better late than never 🙂 Welcome to November, I can already smell Christmas and all its festivities. November is one of my favourite months, not just because it brings me closer to Christmas; but because of Black Friday!! My favourite stores give mouth-watering discounts and literally all my shopping dreams come through.

Now here’s the real gist. Even though I absolutely love to write for Nkataa, we can all agree that Nkataa is one of a kind. Conveniently meeting to all our groceries, food and household needs. Now the best part, Nkataa’s also got black Friday deals too! And it’s this month as well *screaming in excitement.*  It’s really going to be like having a free pass to a market. Nkataa Black Friday! Yippee!

Now that you know Nkataa’s Black Friday is almost here, here’s why you should anticipate it as well.

It’s nothing like you’ve ever seen

Nkataa’s Black Friday is not your average sales *winks* Yes or Yes? Almost all Black Friday sales are in clothes, gadgets, and appliances. But Nkataa, as always meets that very important need- FOOD AND GROCERIES!  There’s a lot in store for you, everything you’ll need is just a click away.

The deals are mindblowing

I can’t keep calm! 90% off, say what???????? And the auctions, as low as N500, kukuma kill me. There’ll even be general discounts and super bundles; from my calculation, that’s almost over a thousand deals. Oya, Nkataa take all my money *crying.* But really guys, you know you won’t find this anywhere!

Christmas shopping

If you can relate to that stressful Christmas shopping raise your hands, *raises hands.* Oh yes! Every Christmas, I dread the shopping, supermarkets are crowded, markets are full and dusty, prices are outrageous. With Christmas just comes unnecessary chaos. Nkataa Black Friday is just a few weeks to Christmas so I can actually just do my Christmas shopping at the cheapest rate possible and so can you. Christmas is definitely coming early, thanks to Nkataa.


I cannot overemphasize this, comfort is key!!!! Nkataa basically sells convenience. I won’t say much again, with this excitement, if I go on I’ll probably write over 20 pages. So let me just stop here. Can’t wait to see you online at the Auctions, my eyes are on the big guns *winks*

Save the day guys, Nkataa Black Friday 24th – 25th November. It’s deals like never before. Stay tuned to the blog, more Black Friday info coming to you.


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