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Running around the big coconut tree that sat right in the middle of the compound. Using sticks to control a moving tire. Dancing and laughing once I started hearing the siren of the ice cream man. Sometimes the laughter turned to tears when I had to cry to get money from mummy to buy the ice cream. Listening to grandma tell stories and enjoying them even though I still went back to ask mum because some of them just didn’t add up. These are some of the memories I have stuck in my head and honestly, those were the best times. I grew up or rather I’m still growing up in the technology and western age where moments like those are gradually disappearing. The good thing is despite being born when I was born I still got to make my own memories. The older generation may have more memories but this is what I have. And when I see an opportunity such as the Tamerri Festival to relive these moments I definitely would take it.

The Tamerri Festival aims to take us back to our roots. Create a space where we can enjoy culture, art, and creativity. Sometimes I wonder what happened to the art and culture in Nigeria. It seems like we try so hard to westernize everything and have created that look or way of life in our subconscious that is in line with western standards. And that is what we have deemed to be right and accepted, well, this discussion is for another day. If you’ve wondered about this too and you just crave a space to enjoy unfiltered art and culture at its best. Well, The Tamerri Festival is just what you’ve been looking for.

Before writing this post, I visited the Tamerri ground or should I call it the Tamerri village?  The nostalgic feeling that came with the smell of the grasses, the trees, and the breeze just took me back to my childhood. Tamerri starts today and you really should be excited about this. Some of the activities that would go on for the three days are;

Human Library: Rather than read a book, the human library creates an opportunity where you can have a conversation with someone with a vast knowledge on that topic. You can never know it like the man who experienced it.

Massage: Getting a massage in a natural environment is a yes!

Alternative music: music is good for the soul! And by music, I mean Good music! At Tamerri the artist line up is amazing! Ric Hassani, Lindsey Abudei, Tommy Maverick, Efe Oraka, Lady Donli, Keren, Jarell Ebuka and more. This line up is to die for.

Art: everything Na art! I doubt we can ever give art a definition because everything is art! At Tamerri festival you’ll be completely immersed in art! The masquerades, local fashion shows, paintings and all. I’m ready to be immersed in art! Art, take me, all of me! Are you ready?

Tamerri starts today and runs through December 2. You can get your tickets on   see you there 🙂


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