Amazing Health Benefits of Local Chicken

“ What’s all the fuss about Local Chicken? ”

I’ve found myself asking that question a couple of times. As far as I’m concerned, chicken is chicken. Afterall aren’t they all a source of protein? Recently, I found out that chicken is not just chicken, there are levels to this thing. The local chicken definitely has a high rank.

Well, it’s safe to say I’ve joined the local chicken bandwagon. What’s not to join? Have you read about the benefits of eating local chicken??  Trust me after reading this, you’ll ditch every other chicken for local chicken.

Some Amazing Benefits of Local Chicken


Fewer Toxins

Local chicken is also known as free-range chickens. These chickens are organically grown and allowed to roam free in a natural environment. They are either pasture fed or grain fed; this reduces the risk of toxins in your system. This makes them better than the commercial chickens which are placed under antibiotics and are processed and packaged with chemicals.


Contains More Vitamin D

The local chicken has been proven to contain more Vitamin D. As you may well know, Vitamin D is important for the body and what healthier way to get it than from eating local chicken.


Let’s not Forget the Unforgettable flavour!

Local Chicken is produced in a condition whereby there is access to pasture, grubs, and insects. These chickens are able to exercise its natural tendencies. Imagine the bursting flavours that would come with this type of chicken.  If you’ve tried any of Nkataa’s local chicken delicacies, then you can testify to the greatness of its taste. If you haven’t,  What are you waiting for?


Less Fat

The chickens are allowed to roam, forage, feed on pasture and get exposed to the sunshine, the chicken develop more muscle and less fat. Local chickens will not shrink when cooked and you only need to add a little fat when cooking them. That’s why they are called lean meat and they are perfect for weight loss

Nkataa is doing something amazing by supporting women in rural agriculture. So buy your local chicken from us and be part of this initiative.



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