Why January is the Longest Month of the Year

Why January is the longest month. blog.nkataa.com

Doesn’t it seem like we said “Happy New Year” months ago? Can’t believe it’s just 24th of January. Based on my calculations we should be in March now. But no! There are still 7 long days to go. Bruhhhhhhh January is indeed a long month. The other day I was talking with my friends and one of them called it “the hide your face month.” If your familiar with Davido’s song you should get it. Well, it’s not far from the truth. A lot of us are hiding our faces this month. The inspiration to write this post came after a long day of thinking and wishing for the month to end. Well,  I thought to share bits of my thoughts, enjoy.

First off, January is actually not the longest month, it’s the same 31 days just the rest of the months. Due to our excessive holiday turn up and bad spending decisions it looks like it’s a drag. But really though, why does it seem so long?

Technically everyone is still broke.  
Bear in mind ‘broke’ here is relative but still, ‘broke na broke’. And you want to know why? We got carried away with all the activities of the holidays that we forgot January has 8 weeks #Jokes lol. Guilty as charged! Maybe next time we should save January’s spending money in a fixed account so we don’t end up hiding our face all through the month. In January, everyone is looking for deals, even if it’s 2 % off we’ll take it seeing that we are saving. If you didn’t know Nkataa offers the best deals in town. The midweek deals on Tuesdays and Wednesdays offer you provisions, household items and lots more. Then there are the weekend deals on Fridays and Saturdays that allows you shop groceries at really cheap rates. Yep, so at Nkataa no need to hide your face.

Holiday mood or nah?
Take me back to Christmas. Waking up late, always eating, attending cookouts and basically just having fun. Imagine all that disappearing in a split second and coming back to reality- the hustling lifestyle. As expected transitioning won’t be that easy. Dear calendar, could you please pause for a few weeks?  We promise to be ready for the year then.  In the meantime, I’m still gonna be having some fun because girls gotta turn up. Last Friday I was at Nkataa Bukka Games night and it was so much fun; I even got free bottles.

Its School fees and Bills month.
The bills would be all up in your face like “where is my money? Where?” Thankfully I’m not a parent yet so no school fees to pay but the other bills I’m paying though…… January please end.

New Year New Me.
Every year is new year new me and January is that month where we try to be “new.” Usually, it doesn’t work out and we start giving up and feeling frustrated; all that excitement dies down. That whole process is just a ‘long thing.’ The thing about goals and resolutions is that results are usually not always immediate. Yo, calm down the year just started, you’ll be fine. Ps. watch out for next Monday’s post, I’ll be talking about setting goals and resolutions. Trust me it’s going to be an interesting and educative read. You know what would make you feel better? Some comfort food from Nkataa. I suggest Ice cream, cookies or better still Catfish Pepper soup *winks*.

Long story short, I’m sharing this post to let you know that you’re not alone in this hide your face struggle. January is almost over, thankfully. After reading this post the next 7 days will probably go by very fast. I’m guessing we’ll all take our minds off it and start kicking the year.

We totally forgot to say Happy New Year!
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