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1 down, 11 more to go! Our lives can finally start now, after all, we’ve scaled through the hard part called January. Ah, January was indeed a long month. There’s a post about it, catch up HERE. Before I jump into the post, Happy New Month, Welcome to the Month of Love. How’s the year been so far? Those goals and resolutions you set at the beginning of the year, how far have you gone? I don’t know about you but mine has been “bleeeh.”  I was literally overwhelmed and it seemed as though I set unachievable goals *crying*. Thankfully I was able to reflect, think and research. I was hell-bent on making February different. Today I want to share with you how I was able to work on better goals for the year. If your January was anything like mine, you should keep reading.

Let me introduce you to the concept of Core goals and Outer goals.

Core goals are goals that deal with the journey leading up to the destination while Outer goals are goals that deal with just the final destination. The core goals affect how you see yourself, how you develop and basically your self-journey. The outer goals are what I like to call the people goals, the goals that make you say “ I have arrived, let them know” *Lol, I joke too much* They are goals that deep down we just want to achieve so we can live the good life and show the world.

Now, this was my problem I had more outer goals than core goals. I wanted to buy a car, take 3 international trips and all that. I can already hear you say “what’s wrong with driving around town girrrrllllll?” Oh, nothing at all, in fact, it’s actually okay to have outer goals but there’s a thin line that can make your outer goals turn sour for you. The motive, when you have so much and when you don’t have the core goals to back them up. Why do I want these things? For the gram? For my friends? Or I genuinely want it and need it? Trust me on this, outer goals are very overwhelming even if you achieve some of them it still feels like you haven’t. Honestly, sometimes we are own problems. I’ve learned that humans are insatiable, nothing is ever enough, we always want more. This is where the core goals come into play. Like I mentioned earlier, they focus on the process rather than results alone like outer goals. Let’s say my outer goal is buying a car and the reason I haven’t gotten it is because I spend too much, save less and don’t work enough to make the money I want. Setting that outer goal like that is definitely going to get me frustrated because I haven’t addressed the issues hindering me. Now I have that outer goal and then I set core goals like save 10% of my income monthly, Spend less, wake up earlier to put in more work and so on. One thing is sure, I will most likely achieve my goal and not just that, be a better person with good savings habit, better work ethics and all. Funny thing, some people might achieve these goals without the process but let’s check it, they were helped or they worked their butts out and now they have it. Whats the edge I have other them, I built a process.

So what’s the take from this? Set specific outer goals with the right motive, don’t overwhelm yourself and set core goals that’ll help your journey. It’s okay to have three or even four major outer goals and several core goals. Celebrate your little achievements and always find time to reflect. If I didn’t reflect, you wouldn’t be reading this today.

Enough serious talk, it’s the month of love and I’m definitely excited. Nkataa Food fest is currently on right now. And you know what? Fresh meals are all discounted, Yes! discounted *screaming.* A little birdie told me that this Valentine at Nkataa is going to be amazing. There’ll be giveaways and deals, so check the social media regularly you really don’t want to miss out.

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