4 Valentine Home Treats

Love is in the air, It’s Valentine season and I’m here for you with another banging post about easy Valentine Treats. We will agree that Valentine is not just for those in relationships but its a season of love. Valentine’s day can be spent with family, friends, less privileged and just about anybody. I should even share the origin of St. Valentine’s day one of these days. Well, for the purpose of this post we’ll be focusing on those that want to stay at home either with bae or loved ones. I’ve put together some of my favorite Valentine treats for home chills. You might need to get some candles, flowers, and scents, to set the mood right *winks*,  I’m a hopeless romantic, don’t judge me.

The Good Old Strawberry and Wine

If you’re going to opt for a chilled night of conversations and bonding. I’d say talk over wine and strawberries, nothing beats that plus it’ll be considered as a classy Valentine. Guys let me tell you a secret, a lot of ladies love quality time where they can talk. Nights like this, your listening game should be A1. And to the ladies give him a break too. I know we like to talk, how about we hear him out this time.

4 Valentine Home Treats















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Movies with Chocolate and Popcorn

Well, it’s a ‘nutty affair’ after all *winks*. If you decide to stay in watch movies and play (you know *raised eyebrows*)  I suggest you pick this. My go to is the Ferrero Rocher Chocolate. It goes really well with popcorn plus it’s heavily discounted on Nkataa’s Sweetheart shop. You can throw some wafers and candy in it as well, spice it up.

4 Valentine Home treats











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An Oreo Overloaded Valentine?

Who doesn’t want a messy homemade bowl of cookies and Cream Ice cream? Pretty sure you know all the things you can do with ice cream *winks.* I’ll stop here so I don’t spoil the young ones. But really though, this is my go-to; Ice cream always works.   





















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How About a Proper Meal Okay?

I know these sweet things don’t cut it for a lot of people lol. You’d rather bond over a plate of Jollof rice, grilled catfish or even Egusi and Poundo yam *laughs*. Nkataa’s got you on that one with all the delicious meals. Like they say, food is the way to a man’s heart, so ladies get in here.

4 Valentine Home Treats















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Writing this post just makes me think “Why on earth am I still single?” Well,  Nkataa is my bae this valentine. They are offering me N10,000 cash and N5,000 shopping voucher. All I have to do is post a selfie and write 5 things I love about myself. That should be pretty easy, after all, I’m too awesome. Check out the Instagram page @nkataaonline for more details and updates. Ps. Happy Valentines Day in advance.

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