A Day With Jessica Bongos at Nkataa Bukka

A Day With Jessica Bongos at Nkataa Bukka

You know how you feel when you meet someone that doesn’t watch the Game of Thrones series? Like what? How in the world haven’t you seen an episode? Are you living under a rock!!! Well, that was the case here and yes, Nkataa Bukka is GOT 🙌😉 And Jessica Bongos? Well, let’s say she’s on top of that rock now she finally visited the Bukka for the first time!

It was nice chatting with one of Abuja’s upcoming artists on her journey to music, her passion, likes, and dislikes. We feel like Oprah already. A lot of people know Jessica and her music but not a lot know her and her food! Yup, you can never really know someone until you know “their food.” Yes, she’s an awesome cook! She was into catering for about five years 😮 before chasing her music full time.

A Day With Jessica Bongos at Nkataa Bukka

For those of you that don’t know who she is, check out her music at jessicabongosmusic.com

Here are five things she observed and had to say about our Bukka.

1.We are indeed Game of Thrones. 🙌Very very loved by those that know us for our kick-ass recipes and ambiance.

2.Our Chinese rice and sautéed chicken can heal the sick!

A Day With Jessica Bongos at Nkataa Bukka

3.She was confused as to which one she loved the best, the food or the customer service

4.The Bukka has a wide range of both local and intercontinental dishes. And our orange juice wins it anywhere 🌝

5.Nkataa Bukka actually has room for fit fam 👊

It was really lovely having her over and yes! We have won her heart. She didn’t even know Nkataa Bukka existed. Guess we can say she has seen the light. Well for those of you like Jessica, you are the reason we wrote this. We indeed exist at The basement, Ojimadu Nwaeze plaza, P.O.W Mafemi Crescent, off Solomon Lar Way, Utako. And we dare you to come have a taste of the Bukka and see if you don’t get addicted? You never know who you may bump into, we have a thing for hosting celebrities. Ric Hassani came over the other day, read all about it here – A day with Ric Hassani at Nkataa Bukka. 

A Day With Jessica Bongos at Nkataa Bukka


A Day With Jessica Bongos at Nkataa Bukka

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It’s a dare! What are you waiting for? Head over to the Bukka and prove us right


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