Dear Nigerian, 5 Ways To Fight That Overwhelming Feeling

Dear Nigerian, % ways to fight that overwhelming feeling


Do you get that overwhelming feeling? You can’t help but worry about everything. You’re not alone, the world is getting crazier or should I say Nigeria? The pressures just keep rising from different angles. You might not even know that you’re overwhelmed. There’s the unnecessary irritation or anger, body pains & tensed muscles or the lightheadedness. Nausea can’t even be explained neither can the breathing issues, rapid heart beating or the chest pains. It’s not the common self-diagnosed malaria; it’s anxiety and stress, you’re overwhelmed.


Honestly, being overwhelmed in Nigeria is a norm and trying to fight it is even posing to be hard. The average Nigerian doesn’t have have the luxury to take a break or just hop on a plane for a vacation. There are inexpensive ways to fight this overwhelming feeling. It starts with being intentional; choose to fight this feeling. It may seem harmless, “oh, it’s just stress” but in the long run, it affects work, relationships, and our physical state as well.


Here are 5 ways to fight that overwhelming feeling.


Take A Break


The world won’t stop because you’re no more or you can’t work. Take a break to clear your head. Take a day off work, sleep all day, turn off your phone, close early just take a break when you can. We get so invested in work, business, family and forget that we are wearing the body out. You need that time out to rejuvenate, to see things clearly. If you can even afford weeks off and can afford a trip then take one. It really doesn’t have to be international, explore locally even if it’s just for a day. Go hiking, canoeing, watch a movie, go to a new restaurant, go to a local village around you. Do what works best for you but it all boils down to breaking your routine and taking a break.


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One Step At A Time


This phrase has never been more relevant. Everyone wants to multitask or prove they are not a lazy Nigerian youth. It’s not a race, finish one thing at a time. You can be the jack of all trades and master of all but at what cost? This also applies to little task and routines in our work and daily lives. Take things slow and stop stressing your mind and body.


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Drink Tea


No, I don’t mean milo and co. I mean actual tea. Tea culture is not a Nigerian thing. The reason why a lot of us grew up with pap, milo, bournvita, Kunu and the likes. When we even got to drink tea it was probably infused with milk and sugar.


There are many health benefits to drinking tea of which some include reducing anxiety and tension. Some teas are brewed specifically with the aim of fighting this overwhelming feeling. My personal favorite is Chamomile tea. It helps treat insomnia as well. Include drinking tea to your routine and you’ll see how relaxed you’ll be.  


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Hold On To Your Spirituality


Sometimes all it takes is holding on to God, holding on to faith. Whether a Christian, Muslim or any other religion, it helps to have faith and scriptures or quotes that just remind you of that greater love and support. Your faith will help give you inner peace. Focus on building a relationship with God.


Exercise and Meditate


Exercising isn’t for weight loss or bodybuilding alone. There are mental health benefits as well. When you exercise endorphins are released,  which in layman’s terms, boosts up your spirits. It eliminates body pains, muscle tensions and leaves you feeling energized the rest of the day.

Another important thing it does is act as a distraction. Believe it or not, while exercising the mind moves from that state of worry and becomes focused an clearer.

Meditation is also ideal, the reason why we all love yoga and pilates. Although they are physical practices, they target our whole emotional well being and improve our concentration.

Ps. Try to eat healthy, research shows it helps.


The overwhelming feeling is one we all feel at some point in our lives. Own it understand it and fight it. Of course, there’ll be situations and things that’ll get us worried but you just have to worry less. They’ll all pass eventually and worrying has never solved a problem. Do things that’ll make you happy, eat well ( you might just be hungry lol), laugh out loud and take a deep breath.  Cry it out if you have to, it’s really nobody’s business it’s your life. If all these do not work for you, take it further and get medical help. There’s absolutely nothing wrong in seeking help.


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