10 Monday Morning Hacks for an Amazing Week

10 Monday Morning Hacks for an amazing week


Nobody likes a Monday morning. It’s a constant reminder of the hustle and bustle, the unread emails, the strategy meetings, the market runs, the kids’ school schedule. It’s the end of our mini vacation called weekend. Monday is literally ‘mourn-day’ for a lot of people; if only we had Monday morning hacks, life would be better.  Good thing Monday isn’t human, that will just be another depressed soul walking the face of the earth.


Monday doesn’t have to be as bad as we make it seem. With the right start and hacks, you’ll have an amazing Monday and week.


The following Monday morning hacks have worked for me and hopefully will work for you.


Before the dreaded ‘Mourn-day’


1. Rest as much as you can on Sunday.


What you do on Sunday can affect how your Monday turns out. I like to call Sundays my self-care days because I take out time to rest, eat well and basically just take care of myself. It’s just the same as preparing a bowl of soup. You can’t expect a tasty pot if the wrong ingredients are used. Ps. Have you tried Nkataa’s Seafood Okro soup? Hmmm *licks lips* …Back to the story, to start well practice some Self-care on Sunday.


2. Plan the new week.


Quick question, Does the week start on Sunday or Monday? I’ve always wondered. Anyways, a lot of times, Monday is so frustrating because of how overwhelming the tasks are. And also because of how clueless we are when the “breeze of tasks” blows us hard and we don’t know where to start from. One of the most important Monday morning hacks is creating and planning the strategy for the new week. Set out how the week should go and what is to be achieved. This takes away that Monday morning confusion.


Ghen Ghen…. It’s Monday Morning


3. Get Physical.


It’s time to sweat out all that negativity and get the adrenaline flowing. Going to the gym or taking a run/jog is a drag for me. Unless I’ll get paid *lol*. On Monday morning I dance! Yes, I dance! Dancing is just as good a running on a treadmill. Exercising has proven to clear the mind and increase focus. Trust me, for Monday, a clear and focused mind is very necessary.

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4.Ps.Start The Day Early.


What is it they say again about early starters? They get the most work done! Enough said, moving on.


5. Choose the Perfect Mantra.


We often underestimate the power of vocal affirmation and how it can instantly boost your confidence. Most people think it works for only depressed or oppressed people. Jokes on you, aren’t we all being oppressed by Nigeria? (please I’m joking oh) But on a more serious note, choose a quote, a verse from your Bible or Quran or even a statement you’ve heard someone make. Whenever you feel down say it out loud. Placing it in visible places is also a good reminder. One of my favorite mantras is SATAN BE GONE.


Enjoying the Monday morning hacks so far? Keep reading.


6. Dump it all.


You’ve planned the week on Sunday, now it’s time to dump it all and break the major goals into smaller goals. It’s time to create that daily to-do list. Break the tasks and prioritize as well. Quick one, don’t start with the hard tasks, it’ll only leave you upset when you can’t handle them. Start with the easy tasks and crush them like the boss that you are. There’s this sense of fulfillment you get when tasks have been completed successfully, no matter how small they are.


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7. Eat well.


A hungry man is an angry man so eat well and be happy. My go to on Monday mornings is usually Nkataa Special Sandwich or Chips and Sauteed chicken. Eat what makes you happy.


8. Create a motivation playlist.


This will help you go through the day easier. There’s no better motivation than a banging playlist. On my playlist, I currently have some meditation sounds and top of it is Davido’s Assurance. Choose songs you like and just plug them in. As I’m writing this post, I’m jamming to my Assurance.


9. Take a break and rest.


Because body no be firewood. Taking breaks helps mentally, physically and emotionally. Majority of our frustrated moments stem from exhaustion. Take a walk, take a nap or just do something to break the routine. Trust me it works magic.


10. Make someone happy.


In the ends, not everything is about you. If we all cared for each other the world would be a better place. Make someone happy at home, work, school or wherever you are. It’ll make you feel good and you’ll be making the next person’s day.


With everything said, stay positive and try to focus. Everything starts with the mind. Fall in love with Monday and you’ll have the best week ever. I hope you enjoyed reading the Monday morning hacks. Try them out and thank me later.


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