Ramadan in Abuja – 4 Last Minute Preparation Tips

Ramadan in Abuja - 4 Last minute preparation tips

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We are entering the Holy month for the Muslims. This period of Ramadan is one full of promises and optimism and is especially important to the Muslims. This month serves as an opportunity to reconnect and build a better relationship with Allah. So knowing this, it’s expected that as a Muslim, proper plans should be made in order to ensure the month goes without any hiccups. And you have time to properly get the best out of this month. Spending this Ramadan in Abuja, here are some last minute preparation tips.


Create a schedule

Everyone has their jobs, personal or family-related roles to attend to, irrespective of the period. It’s easy to get caught up in all these activities and lose focus on what is at hand. Creating a schedule makes it easier to keep track and not forget the activities set out to do.

Ramadan starts tomorrow; it’s not too late to create a schedule if you haven’t. Plan out how each day should go, how to incorporate prayers, special acts with your regular daily schedule and also list out the acts you want to do.

It’s understandable that this period, the need to be closer to God is of first importance. But ensure not to overburden yourself by setting unachievable targets and goals. Take it easy and have a fulfilling month.


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Plan meals ahead

The last thing you want to be racking your head about is what to eat for Sahur and Iftar. This is a month of reconnection with Allah, not the time to start thinking of food and what to eat.

Remember that this a fasting month, so eating healthy is key to staying energized. Planning meals ahead of time helps you pick out the type of meals and fruits to be consumed this period.

Ramadan in Abuja has been made easy with Nkataa. You can plan your meals and simply order them beforehand. Food should be the least of your worries this period. Let Nkataa handle that part for you.

Planning meals ahead also saves you money as there’ll be no need to splurge on meals.


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Shop in bulk

I doubt that anyone will enjoy going to the market or the grocery store this period. Now that you’ve planned your meal, why not buy in bulk as it takes out the need for endless trips to the market.

Did you know that Nkataa offers bulk purchase as well? Amazing right? I know! And in a case where you would rather not buy in bulk, Nkataa can handle the market trips, it’s what they do. Simply order the groceries online and it’ll be delivered to you. Ramadan in Abuja shouldn’t be stressful, just leave it all for Nkataa.


Clean out your space

Ramadan is a time for spiritual reflection and charitable acts as well. Correct me if I’m wrong but a dirty home or workspace is not exactly ideal for any of the above. A clean house or space allows you focus more and considering what the month of Ramadan is about, clean out your space.

Another thing cleaning out our space does is help you filter out what items to give away. This is you effortlessly performing charitable deeds.

There you have it! Ramadan in Abuja, 4 last minute preparation tips. Wishing you all a blissful Ramadan.

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