Nkataa’s Meals You Don’t Have To Give Up For Weight Loss

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FOOD IS NOT THE ENEMY. Yes, you don’t have to hate it because you want to lose weight. The key isn’t in avoiding food, it’s in eating the right food in the right proportion.

In the spirit of hoping to lose weight or aspiring to be healthier, here is are an interesting list of meals you don’t have to give up for weight loss.


Nkataa Special Fried Rice

Nkataa special fried rice being a grain is fundamentally healthy, where rice offends on the diet scale is in the stew made with a lot of oils and also in the use of white rice. White rice can simply be described as “empty food” as it is nutritionally void, low in fibre and other essential vitamins.


Nkataa special fried rice is made with basmati rice, which is rich in vitamins and low in carbs. Our special fried rice is made with very little oil and loads of vegetables, so this is definitely the type of rice you need to eat while on a diet


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Porridge and Boiled Beans

Beans is a nutrient-dense food. It’s a complete protein that contains several vital nutrients. It has a lot of fibre and is a good meal in controlling appetite. No wonder our mothers always tricked us into eating beans. Like they say, mothers know best.

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Boiled Plantain and Vegetable Fish Sauce    

Plantains are highly nutritious, a solid source of carbohydrates with a low-fat content. As a high fibre food plantain add bulk to food intake, which aids digestion. Weight Watchers, what this means is that plantain makes you feel full and this can help with weight control. This is accompanied by yummy and healthy vegetable fish sauce. We all know the good work of our veggies and fish. Filled with vitamins and the required nutrients.


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Efo-riro and Semovita

This meal is filled with vegetables rich in vitamins, and minerals. Very little calorie

Intake and is very delicious. It is definitely one of the meals you don’t have to give up for weight loss.

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Boiled Plantain and Egg Sauce

Plantain is rich in Vitamin and Zinc for the blood.  Eggs are like most foods—you should eat them in moderation, but they aren’t something to be afraid of. They are also inexpensive, accessible, and contain high-quality protein, vitamins, and minerals.

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Cous-Cous and Fish

Couscous is a healthy weight loss food such as vegetables and fish but moderation is key. It is a grain made from wheat. If you are working to lose weight this is definitely a meal for you. It contains little calories and high protein which helps with muscle building for building metabolism for weight loss


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There are various food options to consider when eating healthier, above is just a few. The key thing in trying to eat healthier and lose weight is to eat in the right proportion and watch the ingredients that go into any meal.


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Disclaimer: The content of this post is solely ours and nutrient research was carried out. These foods stated may not be suitable for everyone. Please consult your doctor if you have any health issues or allergies to any listed above. These foods do not also guarantee total weight loss.


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