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Zodiac Signs – Month for Capricorn

First of all happy belated birthday Gift! Zodiac signs are really interesting, even though not all descriptions are true. it’s however always scary for me whenever I wonder how at least 80% of the descriptions are true. I have been doing a lot of study on every member of my team because I think getting the best out of people requires understanding them to a certain degree. I honestly still believe that establishing a relationship with an individual gives the most accurate assessment of ones person or character but it is just fun to read people off a book. lol.…

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Goodbye 2015

2015 was actually a great year for! It was a year where we laid a lot of foundations and stood on the bedrock of those foundations to look ahead. It was really weird how we lived 2015 in future mode, earnestly thinking about 2016 the whole time. All we did in 2015 was laying foundations for 2016, so as we wave goodbye to 2015 we excitedly welcome a new season. Last year came with a lot of challenges. We were always in motion – moving offices, moving orders, always moving. We established more organized set up though so things…

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