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How To Make The Best DIY Cleaning Powder From Eggshells

How to make the best diy cleaning powder from eggshells

Reading Time: 1’18” || How To Make The Best DIY Cleaning Powder From Eggshells   A happy new month is in order. Welcome to the second half of the year. Today I’ll be sharing one of my favorite household DIYs. Let’s fight the dirt together.  There’s nothing as frustrating as trying to remove burnt patches or dried food from a pot or pan. You try the cleaning powders and they take forever to work. Before they eventually clean the pan or pot,  probably all or half of its content has been poured out. That’s money gone just like that.  …

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The New Teeth Whitening Black Magic

Activated Charcoal |

Activated charcoal (AC) is all the rave right now and deservedly so too. I only got to know about it last year and I really haven’t lived without it ever since. I call it my ‘Dark Knight’ because it isn’t just for barbecues! It’s also a major player in the health and beauty industries, ‘multi-purposely’ slaying with its teeth whitening properties, detoxifying, and pore clearing facial cleansers and masks, and so much more. AC is also available in capsule form and is excellent to treat diarrhoea, bloating and even some forms of poisoning.   Related: Shop Shea Origin Charcoal Cleansing Bar,…

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How To Make Tiger Nut Milk (Kunun Aya)

Majority of people who grew up in the northern part of Nigeria must have had their own Tiger nut-eating phase.Tiger nuts are pretty much always in season in Nigeria. Every mallam’s wheel barrow you pass through in the market pretty much has “Aya” in it.I’m not sure how many people got to taste the dry and sugary ones, but OMG! They were heavenly! I’m not even exaggerating one bit. 😐 I’m  not sure why I don’t get to see them anymore unlike I used to while growing up. The wet ones are actually not bad as well. They definitely have…

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