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Ramadan in Abuja – 4 Last Minute Preparation Tips

Ramadan in Abuja - 4 Last minute preparation tips

Reading Time: 2’20” || Ramadan in Abuja – 4 Last Minute Preparation Tips   We are entering the Holy month for the Muslims. This period of Ramadan is one full of promises and optimism and is especially important to the Muslims. This month serves as an opportunity to reconnect and build a better relationship with Allah. So knowing this, it’s expected that as a Muslim, proper plans should be made in order to ensure the month goes without any hiccups. And you have time to properly get the best out of this month. Spending this Ramadan in Abuja, here are…

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The Fruit, The Whole Fruit & Nothing But The Fruit..

Okay, I have never really been big on fruits. Not that I don’t love myself some nice pineapples and red grapes, but my problem has always been – the time to go out, pick the fresh and ripe ones (which I could never figure out), then drive back home. Bear in mind that the closest fruit market to my location is about 20 minutes’ drive from my house; I haven’t had good fresh fruits for like a whole year, at least till yesterday evening. I have a lot of Muslim friends who have been observing this holy Ramadan period, it…

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