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Consistency in Times of Challenge

No one needs to tell you that things have been challenging
 You are probably sat somewhere reading this in a hot dark room with 15% battery life left on your phone. Hopefully this is not the case, but the reality is both light and petrol have been scarce. This can easily affect your mood and your productivity, as doing even the most basic tasks requires more effort. It is understandable to want to scale down your goals and just do the bare minimum. However, I want to encourage you to remain consistent in times of cha(lle)nge. One of my favorite…

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Welcome to the Club

Hi there! 😀 Welcome to the Club. We are excited to launch our blog to better interact with you. Our blog is here to make it easier for you to access more information about us, our brands, and our processes. You can also get a sneak peek of what happens behind the scenes at Nkataa and get to network with other customers,as well as vendors. Our blog will cover a wide range of topics to ensure everyone finds an article they can relate to or learn from. You can look forward to seeing general health and lifestyle tips, recipes for different Nigerian and foreign dishes…

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