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The New Teeth Whitening Black Magic

Activated Charcoal |

Activated charcoal (AC) is all the rave right now and deservedly so too. I only got to know about it last year and I really haven’t lived without it ever since. I call it my ‘Dark Knight’ because it isn’t just for barbecues! It’s also a major player in the health and beauty industries, ‘multi-purposely’ slaying with its teeth whitening properties, detoxifying, and pore clearing facial cleansers and masks, and so much more. AC is also available in capsule form and is excellent to treat diarrhoea, bloating and even some forms of poisoning.   Related: Shop Shea Origin Charcoal Cleansing Bar,…

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Product Review – Body Shop African Ximenia & Salt Scrub

I was so excited about the newly launched body shop products on the site that i couldn’t wait to do a review on one of body shop’s top 10 products(Well,so they said). All the “product-holics” who have a very strong thing for self-pampering beauty products and scents will love this one.This gentle exfoliating product is a luxuriously (hence,the price) pampering  creamy salt scrub that is made up of skin softening butters sourced from different parts of Africa. E.g cocoa butter from Ghana. It basically helps in the gentle exfoliation and revitalization of the skin,leaving it feeling extremely moisturized,smooth and glowing.…

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