Product Review – Body Shop African Ximenia & Salt Scrub

I was so excited about the newly launched body shop products on the site that i couldn’t wait to do a review on one of body shop’s top 10 products(Well,so they said). All the “product-holics” who have a very strong thing for self-pampering beauty products and scents will love this one.This gentle exfoliating product is a luxuriously (hence,the price) pampering  creamy salt scrub that is made up of skin softening butters sourced from different parts of Africa. E.g cocoa butter from Ghana. It basically helps in the gentle exfoliation and revitalization of the skin,leaving it feeling extremely moisturized,smooth and glowing. And oh, it smells really divine and exotic. 😀

Is it an everyday exfoliating scrub? ” Everyday? Certainly not,it’s a bit too pricey for an everyday exfoliating scrub. “Occasionally? ” Yes,on days when the skin needs pampering.*Coughs*  😆 

Key Ingredients: Ximenia Americana Seed Oil,Hydrogenated Castor Oil,Shea butter,Salt etc

How to Use: Wet the body part you intend exfoliating with water.Gently scoop out some of the scrub into your palm or exfoliating gloves, rub onto skin in a circular motion until the salt melts into the skin before rinsing off.

Skin type(s): Suitable for all skin types. This product is also recommended mostly for people with dry skin who need regular exfoliation.

Tip: Results are more visible on dry skin as opposed to the usual wetting of the skin before exfoliation. However, both ways can be experimented to determine which works better on the skin.Also,applying a moisturizer after exfoliation is not necessary because the scrub also moisturizes the skin.

This product is definitely one to invest in.

Nkataa Product Recommendation –  Body Shop African Ximenia & Salt Scrub, Body Shop Exfoliating Gloves


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