A Letter from the MD || 2017 in Retrospect

I want to you use this medium to thank everyone for their support and immense love this year.

We started off the year with lots of uncertainties, owing to the fact that Ugo had been away for some months. This was a major test of the structure we had set up for Nkataa (which Ugo reflected on in his last blog post on @bellanaija). Thankfully, at the end of the day, Nkataa continued to push through, even beyond all our expectations.

The first major event this year was losing Ugo; I will now refer to him as Ugoboy. This change turned the test into reality. Ugoboy had a personal relationship with every one of the 40+ members of the Nkataa team. And so, losing him wasn’t just about losing a Boss, it was also the loss of a close friend. The support we received from the public was beyond our imaginations. Ugoboy’s passing fostered a colossal new drive and strong determination to take the Nkataa mission to the next level and beyond. We still miss him dearly and will never forget the standards he set for Nkataa.

This year has been amazing as we have recorded a 98% customer satisfaction rate and are now running more efficient operations. This is as a result of the capacity we built up in 2016 to be able to handle customer demands better in 2017.

We added a couple of new services to our operations, including the Nkataa walk-in supermarket, the Nkataa Bukka, and Nkataa Outdoor Catering Services.

2017 has been a year of events for Nkataa. The team has headlined a few major events this year which gave us the opportunity to meet a good number of our customers in person. Some of these events included The Abuja Food Expo (where we kicked off our Food Week!), The maiden Nkataa Cup, Fusion Lifestyle Fair (@fusionlifestyle), Tamerri Festival (@tamerrifestival) and many more.

This year we have also launched a new desktop site with lots of exciting new features, some of which include the e-wallet system, and intelligent search. Our new website even goes as far as thinking for you, remembering the products you love, as well as making them easier to find. With our new website, all products are generally just 3 clicks away from the homepage.

We also made significant progress with our Local Chicken products. This is a project very dear to us as it has a positive impact on rural women in agriculture across northern Nigeria. Over 5,000 women benefited from the sales of Local Chicken on Nkataa and we have created awareness that has lead increased demand for Local Chicken beyond Nkataa.

We have had a significant number of additions to the team this year. Our new team members have indeed added a new spark to the team and grown our staff strength to over 60.  Speaking of staff changes, Maryann our special Kitchen Manager became Mrs. Okike at the start of the year, Kamso found love, Nicholas stopped calling himself ‘The Love Doctor’ and Ikenna still did not cut his hair. To top it off, the popular OAP Nenny B (@nenny_b) joined the Nkataa family as a brand ambassador.

Below are some photos from this year at Nkataa. I think photos say more than just words.

We have many exciting things planned for 2018 all aimed at enhancing the Nkataa experience. Some of them include The Nkataa App, a New mobile site and many more things I am not allowed to reveal yet but you might just spot an Nkataa delivery van in Lekki.

Finally, I want to thank every member of the Nkataa team for the dedication and hard work, the general public for the overwhelming support and most importantly our customers. We will not be here without your support and giving us the opportunity to be a part of your lives. Special thanks to The Wedding Guru (@theweddingguru), Big H Studios (@bighstudios), Ric Hassani (@richassani), Frank Donga (@frankdonga_), George Okoro Wedding (@georgeokoro), Eddie Madaki PR, The Play Network, Santi Food Co and The Gift source for their support too.


Have a Merry Christmas and an amazing New Year ahead. Today we’ll be hosting the kids of Mother Theresa’s Children’s Home at 10am. Let’s end this year with a bang and put smiles on the faces of the kids. You know where to find us, Ojimadu Nwaeze House, POW Mafemi Crescent Utako. Come ready to donate and party.

Just in case you’re spending your holidays in Abuja, we will be open throughout so keep shopping!




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